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The best way to get a house that really fits you and your site is to hire an architect. Of course, it costs more to have a custom design made just for you - usually from 5% to 15% of construction cost, depending on the kind of service - and it takes significantly more time and effort than the current alternatives, such as selecting a plan from a home-plans magazine or from your local builder's selection of standard offerings. But the result can more than repay the effort: a tailor-made home you'll feel is an extension of your own life. Now Builtmor Homes offers all of the benifits of an architect with our Design Build Program.

A significant segment of the home-buying public wants the level of quality and craft that architectural drawings afford but doesn't want to invest either the time or the money required for customer design. These people want the quality that comes with the Ralph Lauren or Liz Claiborne label, without having to hire Ralph or Liz themselves. Unfortunately, unlike the fashion industry, there are few such options in the residential-housing marketplace. You can either buy generic, or you can hire the artist directly. This leaves a huge middle ground that is almost completely unserved in today's marketplace.

These people need a new way to select a house design, based on images of the interior as well as the exterior and with ample description of the three-dimensional character of the spaces within through the use of advance three-dimensional modeling. The hard work that gives a house the kind of effortless beauty you see in these homes begins long before construction starts. Where a set of plan-book blueprints might be typically 4 to 6 sheets long, it is not unusual for an architecturally designed home to have 20 or more sheets and digital files to include the three-dimensional modeling, illustrating all of the special details that make everything work together as a unified whole.

But it's not really the number of sheets of drawings that matters; it's the quality of thought and ingenuity that goes into the design process. We tend to think of house design as something easy and obvious, because we have all lived in houses all our lives. But for something to have both functionality and beauty, it must be molded, sculpted, tailored, and proportioned with an artist's eye. The resulting drawings and three-dimensional models are simply the means to record all of that planning and communicate it to the client, builder and all parties involved in the building process.

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